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Do You Have The Right Prescription?

Sermon Online Genesis 13 Evangelist Steve Schwanke delivers today's sermon and asks the question "Do you have the right prescription?" What choice will you make, live for the temporal or live for eternity? … [Read more]

Paul’s Progress

Sermon Online Acts 7-26 In today's sermon Erick Duprey, Faithway Baptist Church's missionary to Papua New Guinea, delivers a message about Paul. 1. Paul's Consent A. Stephen's Argument B. Pricking Conversions 2. Paul's Conviction A. … [Read more]

A Church for Others

Sermon Online Titus 3 Eccliesatical Myopia In today's sermon Pastor Barnabas Schwanke tells us that if we are to be a church that reaches the world with the Gospel, we need to make sure our lives are firmly planted in the soil of the Gospel. … [Read more]

God’s Renovation Project

Sermon Online Titus 2 "We’ve all seen them—sagging and dilapidated dwellings that look as if they are in physical pain. You wonder what the house once looked like, who lived in it, and how it got into such a miserable condition. Some of us look at … [Read more]


Sermon Online Titus … [Read more]

Behold the Empty Tomb – Easter Message

Sermon Online Mark 16:1-9 In this Easter Sunday message Pastor Barnabas Schwanke talks about the empty cross and Christ's victory over the grave. … [Read more]

The Cross of Shame

Sermon Online Mark 15:16-32 In this sermon Pastor Barnabas Schwanke speaks on the shame Christ took on at the Cross for our behalf. … [Read more]

Sin Lieth at the Door

Sermon Online Genesis 4:1-11 In this sermon Pastor Barnabas Schwanke speaks on sin using Cain and Abel as examples. … [Read more]

The Tale of Two Trials

Sermon Online Mark 14:53-72 In this sermon Pastor Barnabas Schwanke speaks about what kind of witness are you. The trial of Jesus - Mark 14:53-65 The Trial of Peter - Mark 14:66-72 The Trial of the Christian Pastor Barnabas asks you two … [Read more]

What is a Faith Promise?

Sermon Online 2 Corinthians 8:1-12 Pastor Barnabas Schwanke speaks about Faith Promises and on how by faith God provides for the monetary needs of missionaries going into the field.  He also explains the deputation process. Selected verses: 1. … [Read more]